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Furniture, objects, clothes…design has always been around us. But it is only in recent years that the concept of “design” has become essential to the hotel industry. It was Claus Sendlinger, Founder and CEO of Design Hotels™, who foresaw this development 20 years ago. He predicted that “design will become an integral part of hotels” and “design-driven hotels will become a lifestyle choice for future travelers.” This was the seed from which the company started growing in 1993 bringing together the world’s most innovative, outstanding and progressive hotel concepts under one umbrella brand, and offering these to a like-minded crowd.

Today Design Hotels™ represents and markets a curated collection of more than 280 independent hotels in over 50 countries across the globe. Over the years, Design Hotels™ has blossomed into a global lifestyle brand that is synonymous with distinctive architecture and interior design balanced with functionality and exceptional service. The company has developed into a full-service hospitality and marketing provider with tailor-made services for its member hotels.