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Design Hotels™ is a service provider and consultant for privately owned hotels and small hotel groups. Member hotels can choose among a wide spectrum of integrated communications, marketing and consulting services:


For member hotels, the Design Hotels™ brand is a symbol of distinction and one of the most important factors for membership. Brand Management is the creative center of the company, responsible for the licensing and marketing of the Design Hotels™ brand. This encompasses brand positioning, marketing partnerships as well as Design Hotels™ events and printed material. From concepts and editorial direction to graphic design, everything is generated and produced in-house. This includes The Design Hotels™ Book, DIRECTIONS Magazine and the annual Trend Briefing, a symposium on upcoming trends that will shape the years to come. Member hotels also benefit from strategic brand partnerships and marketing initiatives.


Global communications are generated by the international press office in Berlin with support from regional offices. The service portfolio encompasses global PR for member hotels. This ranges from the development and execution of communica-tion strategies to the coordination of media cooperations, press trips and providing journalists with relevant editorial content.


The team of professionals is divided among six international sales offices worldwide. Together they develop and execute over 50 sales events around the world for member hotels. The team advises hotels on the strategy and planning of marketing and sales activities to best position their properties in the international travel market. For example, “Exchanges” bring together hoteliers with key members of the travel industry and corporate event managers.


Design Hotels™ provides the necessary expertise and infrastructure for launching member hotels on international sales channels (GDS, Internet, etc.). Experienced staff also provide consultation in online-distribution and yield & revenue management, which enable the hotels to maximize their financial performance.


Design Hotels™ offers a wide array of opportunities for member hotels to present themselves in the online world. These include targeted E-newsletter campaigns in addition to dedicated webpages on and features on the homepage. Hotels are counseled on their e-marketing strategies including online advertising campaigns. Moreover and the digital magazine are continuously updated with new content and features to enhance the user experience.


Clients of all member hotels worldwide are offered easy and seamless options for making reservations and obtaining information. Round-the-clock solutions include toll-free telephone numbers for reaching the Berlin-based travel specialists, an Internet platform for online bookings and a central reservations system.